Canada Day – 2

Some snapshots and clips from today’s activities.

We are not your average “Royal Watchers” – but it was fun to see the hype around the Duke and Duchess today. The crowds were enormous all around Parliament Hill – so big that Alistair and I got cut off from MF and Fin and also my sis and her team when they closed off access to the front area in front of the Peace Tower, just after we arrived.

Along with the snowbirds and the fighter-jet fly by, Alistair and I enjoyed the 21-gun salute, and of course Corb Lund.

It was interesting to see how up-staged Stephen Harper was by the rock-star like newlyweds.

Today was a bit of a scorcher so it was nice later in the day when we all went to the musee de civilization (ahhh.. A-C). We then watched the fireworks to cap off the day.

Below you can see a few familiar profiles and in the second mov. box you can see a quick clip of the fireworks.











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