A Few More Photos/Video from Montreal

Below are just a few more photos from the quick trip to Montreal, including a few more from the concert the other night.

In my other post I meant to mention a few funny things from the show, first, the guy we were sitting beside during the show (Pascal) plays Paul McCartney in a professional Beatles cover band – he is in Gatineau this weekend performing in the Beatles Story. Often during the concert I could hear him sing – I had McCartney in stereo – the real one in the left channel, the other in the right.

(It must have been a little trippy for Pascal since it was the first time seeing the person he has been impersonating for 12 years. He told me he had to learn how to play left-handed bass – that’s dedication!

Thankfully for me, Pascal was a very good singer, and a nice guy – he offered me free access to the show tomorrow, although I think I have to pass.

Another funny thing from the show was when McCartney brought a few fans onto the stage to sign autographs etc., he spoke to one gal who came all the way from Japan for the show – guess what her name was? Yes indeed, “Yoko”! He got a big laugh when he said that he knows someone else with that same name.

Finally, the morning after the concert I thought it was cute when Alistair said that while Paul McCartney sings just like he did when he was younger, he sounds “Scottisher” now when he talks. (Of course I informed him that his accent is from Liverpool, England)

Anyway, some photos from the next day:

Shot of Hotel de Ville
Breakfast St-Denis Style - Crepe with maple-sugar ice cream chocolate and whipped creame
View of the Bell Centre from Hotel
Old Stomping Grounds

Shot During Blackbird
Lady Madona


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