Pic-Nic, Guy Lafleur, and 24 Sussex

So the lovely weather continues here in the Ottawa region. Today we took a trip across the river into Quebec, to the Parc de Plaisance, which is a quaint spot about 45 minutes east of Ottawa, perfect for a quiet afternoon lakeside pic-nic. (A short panoramic video-clip below)

Along the way we passed through Thurso, QC which is apparently where the famous Montreal Canadian hockey star, Guy Lafleur is from.

Thinking about Guy Lafleur today made me recall a funny story about my friend Sean Rivalin who grew up idolizing Lafleur, watching him play on Hockey Night in Canada every Saturday. The story is a little fuzzy but it goes something like this: Sean was from Inuvik, and sometime after Lafleur retired from hockey (for the second and final time) he played in a charity hockey game in Inuvik (I think). As luck would have it, Sean had an opportunity to meet his boyhood idol by gaining access to the dressing room after the game. Apparently Sean was slightly traumatized to enter the dressing room only to see the famous “Flower” buck-naked, drinking a beer and smoking a cigarette – not exactly how he envisioned seeing his hero from year ago! 😉

Below are a few shots from the day, including a couple shots of 24 Sussex as we returned to town. As we drove by the PM’s residence, the cars that we were following drove onto the premises through a side gate. It looked like there was some sort of afternoon party shaping up and it crossed my mind to follow along past the gate, just for a joke, but obviously we have been quickly escorted off the grounds, or worse.











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