Commuter Views – around Rideau Canal

As new residents of Ottawa, we are struck by the beauty of the Rideau Canal and the nearby parks and trails.

We are also fortunate to use the paths along the canal as a means to commute to work. (For now it is by bike, however, for a brief while in winter, it will be by skates, as we will then commute along the world’s longest skating rink).

Below are some more iPhone photos of the canal, and the nearby area, including the Ottawa river (and also one short video as I rode near the canal at 7:30 am). These were captured yesterday and today as I went back and forth to the office.

(If you look closely at the first couple you can see the top of the Peace Tower)













One thought on “Commuter Views – around Rideau Canal

  1. This is the Rideau Canal Festival. This year our festival will celebrate the Rideau Canal’s 180th anniversary and honour the 5th anniversary of the UNESCO world heritage. The celebration will run from August 3rd to 6th and will be filled with heritage and activies. We would like to send you some information about our festival. We promise this is not a spam. For more information, email us at communications{at}
    Thank you

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