Meech Lake (on our own, ahem, accord)

Today we went to Meech Lake. What a name that is! For such a small lake, 20 kms north of Gatineau, it sure packs a lot of recognition in the Canadian consciousness.

Finster goes for de l'eau

Of course, years ago, the Meech Lake Accord was a tentative agreement between the federal and provincial governments that, among other things, would amended the constitution and recognize Quebec as a distinct society. The agreement did not hold; however, ever since, we have heard “Meech Lake” over and over again in the media. The Meech accord was later followed by the newer “Charlotteown Accord”, which would also fail, and which would then set the stage for the referendum on Quebec separation, and the very near end to a unified Canada. (What a loss that would have been for Canada!)

Anyway, enough of reflecting on tense political history, today was a gorgeous day and it was incredibly relaxing to swim in the lake and then relax on the beach as the boys played nearby. It might be one of the last hot days for a long while so we are glad we took advantage of it.

Below are some photos/videos of the day, including a drive-by snapshot of the Wilson House where the accord was signed in 1987 – and below that are a few (somewhat nerdy) historical tidbits on the Meech Lake Accord.

Meech Lake Sept 3, 2011
Contemplating the next move

Wilson House - Location of 1987 Accord

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