Apple Excursion and some Fancy Footwork

Continuing along with the (partial) chronicling of our year in Ottawa – here is a post about our apple picking excursion yesterday to the U-Pick Apple Orchard in Orleans.

You could sure tell it was harvest time – the apples were in perfect picking condition. If you stood quietly for a minute you could hear a steady stream of gentle thuds as the chemical codes within the apples triggered their plunge the soft ground below. The air was thick with the sweet smell of apple cider.

The apples we picked were spartan, lobo, and cortland – tomorrow we will do a very nerdy blind taste-test to see which ones are our favourite. Then we will commence with the pie-making!

Below are some photos/videos of our little trip, followed by a short clip (before my battery died) of my lovely niece Emily as she steals the show at the Shenkleman Theatre in Orleans last night, Emily is the one in the gold pants doing a wonderful tounge in cheek version of Michael Flatley from Lord of the Dance. *Note: A technical glitch is preventing the uploading of video at the moment but I will come back an attempt to load later.



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