Canoe Trip in Beautiful Algonquin

We had the distinct pleasure of being in Algonquin Park for a day of canoeing while surrounded by the beautiful hues of autumn.

Algonquin is steeped in history and was made famous around the world thanks in large part to the Group of Seven painters.

There is no better time to be here than the very end of Sept/start of October.

We arrived Friday and drove back to Ottawa late Saturday night. Everyone really enjoyed themselves. Both of our boys have been on canoes several times now and are starting to get the hang of it, especially our Ali-Joe-Joe, as you can see in the top video.

Below are some videos and photos of the trip. As usual I’ve missed capturing most of the best images with this iPhone, but I did get some great ones with my old-school camera and I may post those soon, but here is a sampling of the trip – the photos don’t do the scenery justice (especially the colours) but some are still quite beautiful.













One thought on “Canoe Trip in Beautiful Algonquin

  1. Thanks Gerard. These beautiful images remind me of the lovely autumns I saw in Nova Scotia. It is so nice that you are all getting out to witness the beauty of another part of Canada. Thanks again,

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