Canadian Aviation Museum (with Grandpa Mac)

We had the pleasure of meeting my parents at the airport the other evening. They are in town for a quick visit, especially to meet their newest grandson, John Keenan, who was born a week ago.

One of the great things about Ottawa is that there is no shortage of family-oriented places to explore during the winter or summer. The many national sites allow for a host of interesting outings no matter what the weather is like.

Below are a few shots of today’s visit with Grandpa Mac and the boys to the Canadian Aviation Museum. It’s a great place for boys of all ages and is quite the historic site, with dozens of planes of all sorts, including a replica of the first airplane to ever fly in Canada (or the British Commonwealth) – the Silver Dart, which was flown in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia in 1908. The museum also houses several planes from World War I and World War II, and more modern planes, both military and commercial, such as lear jets from Bombardier.

Included in the photos below is one of my dad and our boys in front of the only remaining front section of the famous Avro Arrow, which was a Canadian supersonic jet from the 1950s. These planes were the class of their field before the program was abruptly cancelled and the jets were soon, (and rather oddly) dismantled or destroyed.

The final (fuzzy) snapshot is of some x-box 360 virtual-tennis action, where grandpa-Joe was handily defeated by his grandson Alistair Joseph. 20120107-102201.jpg










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