Winterlude – Weekend 1

Continuing to document portions of our year here in Ottawa, (and our ongoing love-affair with the canal) here’s a look at the kick-off for Ottawa’s winter festival – “Winterlude”.


Below is a short clip of the fireworks as seen from the Canal Friday night; when the sky lights up you can see part of the Chateau Laurier and a little bit of the Parliament Buildings. (Sorry for the shaky and distant views).

Below that are a few more views from the canal Saturday afternoon. You might get a kick out of the second video seeing the creative way that they display art along the 7.8 km skateway during the festival. (In this clip you will hear me remind Alistair to look ahead and to be careful, a few times, the reason is the speed-demon was not used to there being so many people on the ice and he had a a very minor collision and couple near misses in the first few minutes).


It is hard to estimate, but there must have been close to 10,000 people on the canal, perhaps more; in some places it was slow going due to mass of skaters out enjoying the almost perfect conditions.

Considering the number of people, the ice was actually pretty good. The crews did a great job preparing it. I hit a rut at one point and face planted but escaped sans major injury. In the last video you see Ali take a tumble on his bumble right at the end – but he was just fine.

They really go all out with the on-ice activities – they have lessons for kids, assorted activities and games, and, somewhat surprisingly, there was even a cooking class (with samples) by a chef from one of the hotels.

It was a brilliant day of family fun.




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