National Gallery of Canada

There is something pretty cool about a national gallery.

While the artworks contained within it are only a sampling of the art that is produced, from an historical perspective, it is fascinating to wander the grand halls and behold the artistic creations from Canada’s past.

Obviously the gallery holds paintings and sculptures by renowned Canadian and even international artists, but it is the emphasis on the Canadian subject matter that makes the national gallery most interesting to me. The many varied interpretations of our landscape is amazing.

You could argue that gallery is a bit overweighted in central Canadian art from the 1800s, especially related to the Quebec religious traditions; however this is understandable considering the evolution of Canada as a country, and it’s long-developing art scene. Historically the majority of the art originates in central Canada so its not surprising that these works are profiled accordingly.The beauty of a national gallery of course is that it is possible to see works originating from all over the country, including the far north.

I’ve been to the gallery four times over the years, yet I never tire of seeing paintings by the likes of Paul Peel, A. Y. Jackson, Emily Carr, or Tom Thompson, not to mention European masters such as Turner, Van Gogh, Monet, or Cezanne.

On a day like today, when the galley was not busy at all, it is a surprisingly relaxing place – super quiet (except for the slow creaking of the wonderful hardwood floors, echoing in the massive, high-ceilinged rooms), and somehow inspirational at the same time.

The National Gallery even does a good job in making things interesting for young boys, which is saying something! Below you will see a photo of the scavenger hunt boxes kids can wear as they feel items and guess what they are while trying to find the items in the various paintings.

Anyway, below are a few (flash-free) phone-photos, just to give a sense of the outing. Sorry for the poor quality, I wanted to be discreet in sneaking a few quick snapshots.

Also below is a quick video with Ali and Fin and their buddy Gavin outside afterwards on a beautiful March day in Ottawa.

(We were lucky to be joined today by Grandma and Grandpa Klein who have thankfully made the trek from Edmonton to be around for March break, somehow I missed catching them in any photos 😉













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