Inside Parliament

Here’s a quick post from a tour of Parliament Hill’s Centre Block from a couple/few weeks ago.

I was lucky to have my friend Carlos, (who works on the Hill) give me a behind-the-scenes tour, which was a fair bit more interesting than the official tour open to the public.

One isn’t really supposed to take many photos, especially in certain areas, it seems to depend on who you ask, so I snapped only a few quick shots here and there – flash free of course so as not to affect any artifacts or draw the ire of any burly bouncers.

Top of the PeaceTower facing South – “Canada Day” Stage Set up Below
Top of the Peace Tower – Facing North (Quebec)


East Block and Chateau Laurier
Book of Remembrance – from WWI Located in the Hall of Honour
An old-fashioned style lounge for the press gallery members
Alberta Deputy Premier Thomas Lucazyk who arrived for his infamous luncheon at the same time as I was at the Hill. I joked with him for a few moments before later coincidentally seeing the actual lunch meeting (from a far) that took place in the MP’s Cafeteria.
The MP’s (Swanky) Cafeteria Entrance
Centre Block Committee Room and some unknown (MP?) leaving the room as we enter.
“The Stairs” which lead up to the Prime Minister’s office. We walked past his office and were eyeballed by three serious looking security officers standing on guard for he.
The sign outside the Press Gallery offices.
Ancient tiny old rooms that used to house telephones but still serve as little booths to enter to have a private conversation.
Side entrance where, I believe, the PM enters.
A sneaky, hip pocket (flash free) photo from inside the beautiful Library of Parliament
Shot of the interesting masonry for inside the Centre Block just behind the famous rotunda.

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