That’s a Wrap – and Rideau Hall

This may be the last post that captures details of our highly enjoyable 13 months in Ottawa. We head west very soon!

In addition to another post from tonight about an interesting tour of Parliament Hill’s Centre Block, below are photos from our recent trip to Rideau Hall – which was one of the last places we wanted to be sure to explore. (There is short video clip of the Changing of the Guard at the bottom).

I have definitely tailed off on blogging in recent weeks/months, but I did a bit of recap of the year a few weeks ago here. and here is a link to a post on the powerful War Museum and a post on some sights and sounds of Ottawa on Canada Day here.

We are down now to our last hours and we are feeling most fortunate to have had such a wonderful year with our family. Things have been a total blur these past days as I finished up my last paper and as we packed up our condo. We also squeezed a few last minute treks to some lakes around the region (Chelsea, and Pink Lake areas).

We are sad to leave our family and friends in Ottawa but are hopeful we will return for visits or possible extended stays again.

Voici a few photos (which were taken sans flash as always) and a short clip at the bottom. Time now to grab some shut-eye before heading west!

I’ll try tweeting from along the drive – just for giggles. MF and the boys will be flying out.

This blog will likely continue, in some form, much as a little family-diary of sorts, as it was this past year.

-Stay well.

Front view of Rideau Hall
The Tent Room – which has portraits of earlier GGs, including the Lord Stanley and an Earl Grey
The living room, including Glen Gould’s old piano at the back of the room.
The ceremony hall where the GG awards and the Order of Canada etc are presented.
The original throne from the very first speech from the throne.
Across the street at 24 Sussex – if you look closely you can see the PM do the Macarena
Fin outside 24 Sussex, pointing to dead squirrel.
The current GG and his wife – classy folks.

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