A familiar view

Here is A summertime view of the east-side of downtown Edmonton’s river valley area, including the purple palace – CanadaPlace, where I call home from 8:30 to 4:30 (at least), once again.

This snap-shot on the walk home captures the summer sky and high-waters from the steady evening rains in the prairies. I’ve noticed a theme – clear and hot days with plenty of moisture at night, with little humidity, and everything is lush and green – the exact opposite of poor parched Ontario at the moment.

We are reeeeeaaaaaaalllly enjoying the sublime weather as well as being back in good old Edmonchuck. What an August. That said, Alistair and I have the distinct pleasure of heading to Cape Breton Thursday morning for my grandma’s 90th birthday party and pseudo family reunion.

MF and Fin will be holding the fort here and settling in after being away for so long.

Although we had a marvelous year away in Ottawa, we are all genuinely pleased to be back.


One thought on “A familiar view

  1. There’s a ton of us who are tickled pink to have you back, G. Let’s hope Ottawa didn’t change you so much that you’ve no longer an inclination to tease Mr W and Mr M @ work. 😉

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