About This Blog/G

Hello there.

This blog is a random collection of short posts, mostly about our family’s year in Ottawa, the capital city of Canada. Normally we live in Edmonton, Alberta but we have taken work assignments in Ottawa for (officially) one year.

Due to our busy schedule (and our commitment to trying to be good parents) we don’t have much time to write lengthy detailed posts on a regular basis but do try to update this site a couple/few times a week with  quick addition of either a picture, a video, a link, or a few thoughts.

This blog is mostly a personal/family record of our experiences, and partly an effort to share some interesting things with others – especially grand-parents who live far, far away and who miss seeing the little ones.

Anyway, thanks for checking this out and feel free to share comments either on this blog or by emailing me at gmacmaclellan@gmail.com.

A Brief Bio

I live with my lovely wife Mary Frances and our two wee boys Alistair and Finley, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

My interests are broad so there is little rhyme or reason to the posts. I do have strong interests in children (especially our own), music, health and psychology, environmental sustainability, politics, outdoor exploration, wine, writing, photography, french, travel, and sports – so some of these topics are touched on from time to time, but as noted, mostly this is just an archival record of our adventures in the lovely city of Ottawa.

In my day job I work with the federal public service as a regional consultant helping to support Canadian citizens.

The usual disclaimer

The things I write are my thoughts alone and should not be interpreted as a reflection of any organization I am associated with.

Header Photo:

A snapshot from Parliament Hill

Have a great day!

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